Wednesday, July 12, 2006


"I" am a lobster.

"I" do this:

" Every stratum operates this way: by grasping in its pincers a maximum number of intensities or intensive particles over which it spreads its forms and substances, constituting determinate gradients and thresholds of resonance ( deterritorialization on a stratum always occurs in relation to a complementary reterritorialization.)" - D-G, ATP, page 54.

Besides, I was very disappointed that my nice lobster picture didn't show up with the blog post I just published - that was unacceptable. So here it is.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, Yusef, I LOL at the Deleuzian statement that "God is a lobster".

It's a good visual representation of the aggressive tentacles of metaphysics.

Will we ever be able to escape?

When you are writing about "The Geology of Repression" (in your next post) I miss the metaphor of sediments. What are they?

Geology is about escavating, isn't it?

Digging vertically. Through strata.

Or can't Deleuze (or you) escape the up-down fallacy?

Never forget the rhizome!

All the best (and read my commnet at the end of The Geology of Repression).

Your grateful reader,

Orla Schantz

7:03 PM  

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