Sunday, March 18, 2007

DeKantstruction - Part Three

From the brave, open, vast, cosmopolitan forehead of “having the
courage to use your own understanding”
to the downcast, melancholy,
Preussian face of “gradually becoming increasingly able to act freely”.
From the battle cry of arrogance to the submissive hope of dignity. Or
is the pain in this visage the mark of hopelessness? Does courage just
reside in the mind, or is it only shown in behavior?


Anonymous Yusef said...

I think the pain in this visage is from Kant's decision not to marry, because, as Kant said, " it would interfere with my work."

I want to discuss this and other aspects of a renunciation of life which Kant builds in to his answer to the question of what is enlightenment.


You are doing a good job of showing that these war with each other in Kant.

8:47 PM  

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