Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Shadows of Totalization, Part XLIX

I want to look at and criticize various ways, techniques, methods, and means of intervening (applying an active force) on the Dead Polemic, (DP1)--the primary species of inertia, of inertial motion, I am considering.

The first means of intervening to be examined, and I believe it is the most important for the historical enlightenment, is knowledge.

An intervention of knowledge on the DP1 might look like this,

A: “Yes, it is.”
B: “No, it is not.”

A: “Yes it is because under the most favorable distribution model, we can say at the 95% confidence level that this first generation of gravitational wave detectors could register a neutron star merger every one to ten years.”

B: “No, it is not because Two binary stars (m1 and m2) orbit each other around their center of mass. They orbit in circles of radii r1 and r2. I am to show that the period is given by T2=4pi2(r1+r2)3/(G(m1+m2)) The mutual force between m1 and m2 is F=Gm1m2/(r1+r2)2 Considering m1, the acceleration of m1 is given by a1=Gm2/(r1+r2)2=v12/r1 Solving for v and using T1=2(pi)r1/v1=T2, I get T2=4pi2r1(r1+r2)2/(Gm2).”

Does the intervention of knowledge, the application of knowledge-force, here or elsewhere,create a motion, an untying of the knot of the DP1?


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