Thursday, August 11, 2011

Temporary but Unrepentant Umbilical to Furthur Thought-Insanity, Part VIII

Again, Orla’s larva:

PLATO: The master of dualisms. The first computer programmer of binary thinking. 0-1. Why is he still relevant? He has never been more so. As the king to revolt against.

This will be referred to as PLATO-Or.

If PLATO-Or metamorphoses furthur, it may become PLATO-EU, the PLATO created at Enlightenment Underground. As in the case of Kant-EU, PLATO-EU may have very little to do with “Kant” as “Kant” is known. PLATO-EU, Kant-EU, or any other XXX-EU’s (eewww, getting a bit nasty) will not “bear a resemblance”, family or otherwise, to others’ PLATO or Kant (or XXX – but EU’s better be sexier, at least to me. If they are not, that’s the failure—not the failure to resemble.)

Let me point out (but not by way of apology,): the others’ Plato, Kant, or XXX, doesn’t bear resemblance to “Plato”, “Kant”, or “XXX”, either. These are all just as far out as PLATO-Or.

ONE case from among the others' is a special case which bears mention: ONE PLATO-X, Kant-X, or XXX-X is presented, as if this ONE however sickly-twisted (or just twisted, I’m not a thought policeman, and this comment in intent is to free thought, not enslave it, and the point is not to displace, invert or pervert, or affix a label of fraud or sickness onto ANY PLATO-X, Kant-X, or XXX-X) this version appears to the other others', is is given as THE PLATO, THE KANT, or THE XXX. It is given as not only resembling Plato, Kant, et al, but as THEIR identical.

Once the case of THE ONE rolls into view, all the other cases may as well shrivel up and die. What the case of ONE relates to, however, is not THE REAL Kant, Plato or XXX, but to the state and capital. What the case of ONE demands is not a devotion to thought, but obedience.

Obediently that we sit our dancing asses down at a school desk, assassinate larvae(Mary had a little larva, little larva…Followed her to school one day, school one day, school ONE day--Bang Bang!), lock down larval metamorphoses, and get down (sit down, Johnny! If your butt doesn’t ache from staying in ONE place, you’re not in school!) working to achieve what we lack: honorable certification and licensure of recognition-obedience to THE ONE.


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