Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Temporary but Unrepentant Umbilical to Furthur Thought-Insanity, Part XXVIII

A rustling of an undisclosed number of rats, not too far away.

One of the trains is stalled on the tracks, and the underground is strangely silent, eerily silent. The large headlight at the front of the stalled train, shines like a spotlight down the track, up to a curving left turn, illuminating it with eerie brightness matching the eerie silence.

The biggest rat in the pack is perched above the others, directly in front of the headlight, not moving much, munching on something, maybe a peanut.

The big rat’s silhouette, against the curving wall, magnifies the big rat's size into something enormous.

The rat's silhouette is moving—but not in synchrony with the motions the rat is making.

Though the big rat's paws clutch the peanut, the silhouette’s crooked, gnarled, wicked, humungously clawed paw reaches outward, as if to grasp…...The whitest of the cast light.

Carlos-o(∞): “Hi there, Big Brother!”

Carlos-O(1): “ Whaa…? Who are you? Are you little brother?”

Carlos-o(∞): “ We’re going to have to discuss that.”

Carlos-O(1): “ How come I’ve never heard you before?”

Carlos-o(∞): “ You’re the only one with the voice.”

Carlos-O(1) : “ So you don’t speak?”

Carlos-o(∞): “ No, I speak all the time.”


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