Saturday, August 05, 2006

Amok or A muck: The Geology of Repression, Part III

Maggot: “Eh, Father Gilliam, ahem… I want to state right off what I found compelling in your work, and why I think of you as an enlightenment thinker, no matter the stench you may assign to the word ‘enlightenment’ and no matter how much you may bark and bite against it.

I think of you as an enlightenment thinker because you marshal the full force of your thinking against these two elements: doxa ( opinion ) and psychologisms. I admire this willed antagonism of yours, and adopt it for my own. For example, I labor to recreate the concept of repression without any recourse within this concept to psychologism.”

Father Gilliam: "I’ve noticed this in you, Maggot. You at least understand what I am trying to do… I am not interested in a ‘geology’ of morals ( or repression) , but I am interested in treating modes of existence as objectively and as, I guess, matter of factly, as mucks and sediments and strata are treated by a serious geologist.

Maggot: “ Yeah, and I am with you all the way in that. The thing that fascinates me is that in this endeavor, or project, or whatever you’ll call it, you don’t adopt anything which resembles a mathesis. You look very near to Badiou in what you want to do, but in what you actually do, your work and Badiou’s work is utterly antithetical.”

Father Gilliam: "My work and Badiou’s work has nothing in common, and I was utterly misunderstood by Badiou. I would go so far as to say that Badiou’s take on my work is what I have called ‘malicious’ stupidity. "

Maggot: “ And yet I do not understand this, myself. ( And thus I open myself to the same charge as is leveled against Badiou – malicious stupidity…. I can only throw myself at the mercy of the court… I’m not a pro, I’m just a Maggot.) Instead of getting set theory from you, I get this nettlesome Hjelmslevian stuff… The guy was a Dane, wasn’t he? Now come on, isn’t one Hamlet enough! I notice that you have called Hjelmslev a great geologist…”

Father Gilliam: "Maggot, I am going to cut this little dialogue short for the time being. You need to get some sleep… let’s hope the sleep you get is a chrysalis. I am willing to talk further with you because at least you haven’t ever spoken of a Father Gilliam Ontology. That’s the one procrustean bed I hate being squeezed into….

Maggot: “ Father Gilliam! Come back! Come back! You incessantly stand things on their head… but it’s all right! Because of you, we know we have no brain ( just a parastrata, or an epistrata… we’re not too sure which!) and if so, there can be no brain injuries, let alone brain desecration… isn’t that right? Father…. Gilliam… Father….”


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