Tuesday, January 02, 2007

The Matter of Truth, the Matter of Matter: Which Matters More? Part XII

I am trying to urge the idea that “the thought of the outside” actuates and is actuated by the thinking of pluralism: multiplicity isn’t multiplicity without the “thought of the outside,” and vice versa.

(I can only “urge” at this point, but later, I plan to do better at showing why I am “urging.”)

The comment by William James, that “the absolute has nothing, absolutely nothing, outside of itself,” is actually definitive of the absolute, and the thinking founded on the absolute, monism. The idea of something with nothing, absolutely nothing, outside of itself actuates monism, and all of the tremendous social and political apparatus that is “ monism.”

There is no strategic struggle or resistance against anything if it is impossible to conceive of absolutely anything outside of this something against which one might wish to struggle and resist: absolutisms and monisms are actuated by incapacities to conceive, and the incapacity to conceive is actuated by monism.

Monism is the process of homogenization of the perception of phenomena, normalization, blurring of contrast, distinction, individuality, and of the thinking through of difference, because there is nothing, absolutely nothing, outside of whatever it is monism conceives there is.

Absolutism may present itself as a requirement, a necessity, for thinking, but it is important to consider that absolutism may not be required at all, and that while posing as what we must have in order to think ( properly, normally, sanely, responsibly ) we are that much more bamboozled against "thinking otherwise."

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