Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Hominidd Crossing

Oh Betsy I cannot appreciate you for I cannot differentiate you.

I haven’t got a desire for you specifically.

I can’t manage to separate you from the rest of the hominin batch of goodies I cling to in the night, mainly for warmth.

You are there and so are a bunch of other floating things discombobulated and available for a moment and then gone. I doubt there is anything charming about the space between your legs or between your lips or in your wavering eyes…

My Serengeti! Your crotch, your lips, your eyes…These are intensities. They signal me, to be sure. I don’t like being signaled, though.

I have an erection in the same way I have to stretch my limbs to keep them limber.

I have an ejaculation in the same way I have an eructation or a fart.

It’s all the same release – ejaculation, eructation, fart.

None is more pleasurable than the other. It is all good and it is all imprinted on the nothingness of sky and dirt of the Serengeti…It is written. So it is written. I have confidence in that, as farfetched as that may be.

Oh Betsy was that your arm pit, your navel or your vagina into which I eructated, farted, ejaculated? I couldn’t say and neither could you.

We were both trembling flesh and when we looked into each other’s eyes we both blanched and both immediately forgot everything. You didn’t notice me chuckle and breathe and I didn’t notice you chortle and wheeze.

Certainly I am not repressed and neither are you. Nor are we a we or an anything.


Blogger Kirby Olson said...

I think hominids stand completely upright, isn't it true? Austrolopithecus, is, but those talking chimps were just a little bit bent over.

No other hominids still exist.

How many varieties once did?

At the Chicago zoo the other day I asked if the docent knew how many members of the primate species were monogamous. He said he didn't know why some were possessive, but that in the wild one male could service a number of females, and that this was the best system for the survival of the species.

4:51 PM  
Anonymous Yusef said...

Thanks very much for the comment, Kirby.

I'm about the last person in the world to whom it would be fruitful to address questions about hominids.

I don't know much about them.

I'm working from a very sketchy "image" of what hominids were like - the image I have in my mind is of a very out of place, inappropriate, unanimal animal, a kind of naked klutz who has no competitive physical advantage and whose mental or intellectual advantages could not have appeared as advantages in this hominidal form in which they appear...They appear as disadvantages, not advantages.

I do think this image conforms with what we actually know about hominids...

Are any primate species monogamous? Are humans monogamous? I'm extraordinarily interested in the way you shifted from a question of monogamy to a question of possessiveness. (The way the docent interpreted your question about monogamy in terms of why some primates were possessive.)

9:55 PM  
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