Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Shadows of Totalization, Part XIX

Descartes founds his philosophy on a self which is self-evident.

Even though I think this is a correct statement, I am forced to pause before proceeding.

1) I don’t want to pull “Descartes” into my mess, my gold-tinged fog. What’d he ever do to me that I might in turn potentially abuse him?

2) I’m not capable of doing history of philosophy. This is the thing which has troubled me: am I free not to do history of philosophy?

3) To the extent to which I am able to track down the ideas which intrigue me to their sources within the history of philosophy, I am constantly amazed by how little they resemble my more naïve apprehension of them. They are so much more beautiful than I had realized.

4) Knowing this, why would I ever wish to rely on an idea in the “immediate” form which my terse and incomplete reading of the philosophy makes it available to me?

5) I can remove the above statement from its (explicit) association with the history of philosophy by personalizing it: “I have a concept of my self wherein I understand my self as self-evident.”

6) In letting myself off the hook in this way, do I accept a bowdlerization which will deactivate further progress, or do I, in this “definite”, autonomous, "self-sufficient" form, give myself a platform from which I can go anywhere, in any way (I might choose)?


Blogger Christoffer said...

Interesting .. Maybe you are about to make a courageous leap into the vibrant world of phenomenology. Where body, mind, experience and meaning all come together in perceptions of The Real. The Real is always given to us as present, because we are present (to ourself). (At this moment perhaps Heidegger raises a stubborn finger, and mutters from the beyond in translation .. " .. wir sind more present to the world than to what you refer to as our selfe ") What this mean is anyones guess. And this way, the meaning of the subject is revealed as problematic taken as a phenomenological object like any other?

1:47 AM  
Blogger Christoffer said...

"At this moment Orla Schantz comes into view from behind a bush, dancing around on his small merry feet, suddenly he lets out a yell 'You are all stuck in square concepts! When you could always thrive as rhizomes! Damnit language is always a straight jacket, a fraud of a fraud!". Luckily for the rest, he dances on his merry feet and disappears out of view. Yuself scratches his head and mutter something akward about Descartes.

2:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"And this way, the meaning of the subject is revealed as problematic taken as a phenomenological object like any other?"

The only point I wanted to get across was that for a period of time the self was somehow conceived as self-evident to itself. I assume I was correct to associate Descartes with this. My more ambitious target (which will hopefully be more obtainable with this little step) is to go from the self as self-evident to the self as self-creating (I want to trace this motion in a very general way, if possible) and to look at the self-creating self in relation to overcoming totalization. I do think phenomenology and Heidegger's movement from phenomenology into something quite different, is very much a part of this trace. Hopefully I will come back later to edit this post--I lost my way rather spectacularly. Thanks for your comment.


12:09 PM  
Blogger Christoffer said...

From self-evident to self-creating.

I think it is evident that we dont change by just changing, so the question of change is not evident. I propose that to change you need to change your environment. To bein with, the most intimate related environment. To change, start by changing when you eat and what you eat. This is essential if that word has any meaning at all, and I believe it has.

Start warrior diet - Ori hofmekler

Be a nocturnal eater.

Another form of change is that you express. Change what you say and write. Change the way you do it.

Change requires a practical approach not a theoretical, except historical change.

8:05 AM  
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