Tuesday, September 07, 2010

The Pent Umbrage of the Tempy, Part IX

Your organization of the payroll department is very beautiful. This statement requires no explanation. The beauty is obvious to anyone who knows beauty.

You do want to provide, not an explanation, but a methodology, of the beauty you have created with your organization of the payroll department. This will be your bequeathal of wisdom to the future generations who must, if they are to be beautiful,know what you have known, and know how you have known it, so they can carry onwards in the direction of beauty you have established.

The future generations don’t necessarily know beauty, and may not know what is obvious: that your organization of the payroll department is beautiful. They must be made to know the obvious beauty of your organization of the payroll department. Your methodology is weighted to this end. Your organization of the payroll is itself weighted toward establishing within payroll, and thus within the entire organization, that sense of beauty commodious to the organization.

The future generations, as they straggle into your organization, wish to disrupt your organization. It is a constant battle, made no less acrimonious by your love of the future generations, your fastidious concern for their well being, and most importantly of all: your imparting to them of a sense of beauty. That is your love for them.

It is common for them to fight for their own sense of beauty, which they foolishly believe to be every bit as great and wonderful as Beauty (the beauty you know.) And it is very common for you to be required to use Beauty to remove them from Beauty (your organization of the payroll department, and thus of your company, and thus of the cosmos), by the elaborate organization of levers, pulleys, inclined planes, pistons, and motors vulgarly referred to as “financial incentives.” (e.g., demotions, pay cuts, loss of privileges, loss of vacation time, etc.)


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