Friday, March 04, 2011

Umbrellas Unopent in Tempests, Part I

Itwethey has learned(very slowly) there is no understanding or sympathy between host and guest unless Guest is treated with utmost consideration by the host from the very moment of encounter.

With this new understanding, Itwethey will now help Guest, standing at the threshold, on the rickety stoop Itwethey had studiously and yet incompetently constructed, Guest looking bewildered and rather “thrown”, as if some magnetic wind of continental shifting had bequeathed Guest to this not so much hallowed as hollowed spot, enter into the hospitality Itwethey has worked a lifetime to create.

Itwethey looks at the Guest, standing there on the threshold, bewildered, saddened, riddled by ambitions, delusions, false desires, misguided plans, thankful this Guest is on that sadly misshapen stoop, that stoop which is clownish, artful as the mistakes of a fool are artful, poetic, poetic as those first-scribed misprints of the sacred five-year old are what loving parent will revere and thank the Lord for.

Itwethey says, "welcome." By it is meant: precipitation will not hinder; intemperate temperatures will not wrinkle; bellies will not thunder; mind will not grumble; third eye blind will not mention all wasted by Itwethey’s hastily constructed and not-so-satisfying abode of comfort.


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