Friday, June 03, 2011

Umbrellas Unopent in Tempests, Part LIV

“However, there is something very positive and affirming and bold and audacious and vibrant in this silent, (or soft), musically announced ‘this is beauty.’ Yes, it is satisfying and appealing—and joyous-- to know (without knowing) ‘this is beauty.’ It is satisfying and self-sufficient: one is filled with the feeling, the self-certain feeling: ‘beauty.’ It can’t be questioned or criticized, nor should it be. (However, there is a problem, faint so far, perhaps to grow thunderously loud, a political problem, with anything—any thought or feeling-- which can’t be questioned or criticized.)”

Itwethey loves to be filled with the thought-feeling-experience ‘this is beauty.’ To be so filled is transitory, rare, but it happens. “You can’t be filled with this experience and at the same time attempt to criticize and question it, either. It is better to not attempt to contemplate it at the time—to reflect upon it.” Itwethey is more than happy to reflect upon it, to abstract from it, in order to prolong it, or maybe to get it to happen again. There doesn’t seem to be much doubt that the experience is faded and cooled in reflection, contemplation, and abstraction, progressively so. (Abstraction is, in this context, almost a process for the fading of ‘experience’. Abstraction is bleach.)

“But let’s face it: faded is better than nothing. If we can’t have ‘this is beauty’ on a consistent, reliable, or frequent basis, we’re going to have to make do with what we have. E’en as masturbation is sometimes to be resorted to, so also is mental masturbation,” says Itwethey, “which is what comparison, reflection, abstraction, contemplation, and the rest of these activities amount to, we guess.”

We could choose not to resort to mental masturbation…We could wait patiently, chastely, between events of ‘this is beauty.’ “Whereof we cannot experience ‘this is beauty’, thereof we must evacuate the mind of all its masturbatory tendencies,” says Itwethey, mournfully. “ It could be this would hasten the next event of ‘this is beauty’, if such hastening is possible, in the same way refraining from masturbation does seem to hasten the next score. We’re talking quieting the mind here. Quieting the mind does come from the AoA lexicon.”


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