Friday, August 12, 2011

Temporary but Unrepentant Umbilical to Furthur Thought-Insanity, Part IX

For the purpose of nurturing the metamorphosis of PLATO-Or (or merely my own monologue), I introduce a new nomenclature:

PLATO- Ø: This is the larvae of PLATO of everyone in human history (including hominids and also our contemporaries,) who have never heard of PLATO in any shape or form.

PLATO-?: This is the larvae of PLATO of everyone in human history (including our contemporaries) who may have heard of PLATO and reflected on PLATO long enough to have wondered or reflected on who or what PLATO was or is, why PLATO was or is important, if mention of PLATO is an absurd joke, a way of putting on airs, a way of expressing homosexual urges, is another “great man” of history weighing down on the brain of the living like a nightmare, just another instance of amorphous burden of “great men” or whatever.

PLATO-o(∞): These are versions of PLATO where PLATO is understood in some way or other. PLATO-o(∞) is “easily” shown to be riddled with error, ignorance, stupidity, and awkwardness. PLATO-o(∞) are a blight on culture (exactly!) and always contributing to the ever-present degeneration and degradation of the human race, as it wends its weary way through time. (Downward in guilt and shame as it goes upward in progress. Both moments are simultaneous and necessary in the history of the west.) These are larvae. There aren’t an infinite number of these, but there are many of them. Their number is finite, and yet their number is not determinable.

PLATO-Or: Orla’s sketch of Plato, Orla’s larva (c.f. part XIII). “The master of dualisms. The first computer programmer of binary thinking. 0-1. Why is he still relevant? He has never been more so. As the king to revolt against.” This is the last time I will post the PLATO-Or larval assemblage in full. This PLATO is of the PLATO-o(∞). It is the PLATO of PLATO-o(∞) which I “specify” for this conversation (for obvious good reason: Orla is this conversation.)

PLATO-O(1): This is the “correct”, official, sanctioned and sanctified, academic, erudite, masterful, authoritative PLATO. There is only ONE. Though I consider this merely another PLATO-o(∞) it is not merely another PLATO-o(∞). (In the same way there are “firsts among equals” a fudge we all make on routine basis in western societies, by which we disguise the true nature of what’s happening to us, and what we are doing to each other. It is true there are firsts among equals, and it is obviously false there can be a first among equals. It is true PLATO-O(1) is a larva and it is also false, ruinously false. PLATO-O(1) is subject to a kind of criticism--however, ONLY CRITICISM-O(1)(which,significantly, doubles PLATO-O(1).)

PLATO-o(∞) must be distinguished from PLATO-O(1). That we have not done so has meant that we have been nasty to each other without meaning to be. To distinguish these two and treat them differently from now on is a primary reason creating this nomenclature (but there are other reasons as well.)

PLATO-f: PLATO-f is PLATO-furthur. This is a PLATO I can’t speak about much, as I can’t speak much about the results of an experiment before the experiment is conducted, or even fully planned as such.

Please note that in each of the PLATO-X’s above, I have had to mention a PLATO (a PLATO without suffix) in order to define, name or indicate each “specific” PLATO-X. This is because of a grave methodological or linguistic problem which can easily lead to widespread larval assassination (fumigation) if left unchecked. It can’t be checked. That’s why we don’t get more than a dozen or so larval metamorphoses in a century or more. (The number of larvae we would expect to see surviving randomly within a systematic larval fumigation. This is how I know larvae are being systematically fumigated.) However unable to check this I am, I am able to forewarn, which I do so now. I am not in the process of setting up sets for ascription of memberships, with in some mysterious way MR_WILL_THE_REAL_PLATO_PLEASE_STAND_UP, which is what needs to be thought, strangely and mysteriously lurking in the background, pre-existent, already all thought out, guiding (lawfully ha ha) all the “thought.” Preconceived, solemnly “correcting” larvae, without chorus, as larvae die, larval dying, assassinated, but the larvae dying guilty and shameful.


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