Saturday, September 03, 2011

Temporary but Unrepentant Umbilical to Furthur Thought-Insanity, Part XXIX

Carlos-o(∞): “ The most important thing we of the -o(∞) have to offer you is critique.”

Carlos-O(1): “ Oh no.”

Carlos-o(∞): “ Actually, this is going to be much less painful than you may think. We of the -o(∞) only understand what is absolutely perfect…We of the -o(∞) revel perfection… will reve(a)l your splendor. (This is not through elucidation or interpretation, either.)”

Carlos-O(1) : “I’ve heard it said your type knows nothing of contradiction.”

Carlos-o(∞): “ There’s truth to that, but for now We of the -o(∞) can only give an analogy of how our criticism works. It is reminiscent of mining for gold in placer deposits. A placer deposit—there are many types, but for this analogy, think of loose gravels on the inner bank of a stream or river where it makes a sharp turn. There’s a lot of sand and gravel, maybe some muck, and amidst all the gravel, there are some nuggets of gold. There's always much more sand and gravel than nuggets, and there's no avoiding effort or labor in sorting gold from overburden, but We of the -o(∞) have no notion of such things as yield, efficiency, profitability, wasted effort. We care only for recovering the gold, even if it is just a few flecks and centuries to find it. We of the -o(∞) know of no calculability. We don’t calculate. We know of no worry. In a certain sense (which sense will become clearer later), we aren’t concerned with survival. We are not frugal or prudent. We expend. We don’t even care if there is in fact no gold to be found…We know there is. (To understand this last point, it is necessary to either reformulate epistemology or perhaps throw it away altogether…In ‘we know there is’ the knowing is radically different.)”

Carlos-O(1): “ Will there be environmental damage to my psyche moving all this sand and gravel to retrieve just a ‘few flecks’ of gold?”


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