Tuesday, October 09, 2007

The Blog as a Desiring Machine

"This book is a drama whose first character is the Infinite.

The second is man.

This being the case, since a convent happened to be on our path, we had to go in. Why? Because the convent, which is common to the East as well as to the West, to ancient as well as modern times, to Paganism as well as to Buddhism, to Islam as well as Christianity, is one of the optical appliances man turns on the Infinite.

This is not the place for an inordinate development of certain ideas [plagiarist’s comment: ha!ha!]; however, while absolutely maintaining our reservations, our restrictions, and even our indignation, we must admit, whenever we meet the Infinite in man, whether well or poorly understood, we react with respect. There is in the synagogue, in the mosque, in the pagoda, and in the wigwam, a hideous side we detest and a sublime aspect we adore. What a subject of meditation, and what a limitless source of reverie is this reflection of God upon the human wall!” -Victor Hugo, Les Miserables, The Convent as Abstract Idea.

“I” “think” “we” “had” “originally” “thought” of this blog as an “opportunity” “for” collaboration; “I” “would” “like” to amend that “notion” —this blog is better understood as a desiring machine “we” "are" “making.”

How does this blog produce desire?

"We" "conceive" of production as an assemblage of differences.

With the blog,"we" CAN assemble differences.

Desire flows between the uncrushed differences.

Where do the differences come from?

"I" "believe" this "is" evident: "we" "are" "multitudes" of differences and these manifest- to some extent-- each time any "one" of "us" posts. “We” hold this “truth” to "be" “self-evident”!!!

The blog as an optical, acoustical, and sensorial appliance-- an appliance "we" "make" and which “we” turn on the Infinite…The blog as a limitless source of reverie this reflection of God upon the human wall!

It goes without saying ( and that’s why I am taking the particular trouble to say it!) that whatever this Infinite, and whatever this God, they be not master-signifiers!

If "we" "are" to succeed in making a desiring machine,“we” must not allow “ourselves” to be overtaken by a master-signifier, either. By ourselves, by certified master-signifiers who come our way, or any of those aspirants to master-signifier who fool us with their gentle discussions, collaborations, persuasions, spoofings or carings about "the truth."


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