Monday, January 07, 2008

Hominid Erotic Stimulus

As a hominid, I have no erotic stimulus or stimulation.

There is no sign of the erotic.

Whatever is natural in the sexual is entirely pre-personal.

As a human, I am concerned by the extent to which my male sexuality is based on very primitive stimulus – response mechanisms: I see a boob and I get excited, etc.

I generally accept as completely natural this stimulus-response mechanism, and I am even grateful for it.

But I have to pause and think of how conducive to operant conditioning this would be, and whether it already is put in effect by an operant conditioning of which we are unaware.

My willingness to reduce the set of stimuli down into merely visual ones, for example through viewing internet pornography, concerns me.

In actual good sex, the visual stimuli is but one among others and not primary. Though I’m using my eyes, I’m not using them as I do usually…I’m out of focus, and I like it that way. If I try to get visual clarity, that happens as a pause and even an interruption in the pleasure.

Viewing pornography, there is only visual stimuli – but even more than that, the visual is not very realized, experienced, or sensed. It is somewhat rare I see the woman’s boob…What I see is “woman’s boob” almost as if the photograph of the boob were a symbolic boob. Not even a real one. As if there were a sign there that said, “boob.” Seeing the sign, not a boob, I respond as Pavlov’s dog responded to the ringing of a bell as if it were food coming.

This strikes me as a very dangerous way to allow myself to become conditioned. (I freely admit I am cooperating in the conditioning, however.)

Clearly, we are “settling for less” here…The almost total immersion in a regular sexual contact reduces to the limited visual stimulation…This limited visual stimulation is further reduced from a full visual experience of perceiving a boob down to the boob as a sign or signal, a symbol.

I’m primarily viewing internet porn when I should be working, and I’m looking at it when I am frustrated or bored. It perks me up. It distracts me.


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