Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Instances of Reactivation, Part II

To continue examining instances of reactivation, I have to be willing to assume for the time being there is reactivation. To assume there is reactivation, I have to assume there is both discontinuity and change, in some instances. Whether life is continuous or surging or continuously surging, I cannot say. I’ve been sitting here scratching my head trying to think of “the continuous surge of life” as anything but an empty and misleading generalization of the type I try to avoid, and I can’t do it. Unless I have input from someone else, I’m not going to worry about it any further. I am also not going to worry about my stopping, isolating, and freezing the flow of emerging streams of creativity through commenting on rationality or Totalization. I doubt either deactivation or reactivation of creativity or thought is so trivial.


Blogger Fido the Yak said...

Bachelard's Dialectic of Duration is a really wonderful book that argues for a primacy of discontinuity.

I think though that you may also be assuming a possibility of continuity or persistence (re-). Perhaps you have pronounced philosophy dead. It's your name on the death certificate. Would you be having second thoughts?

As far as I can tell, Yusef, you are living the most philosophical life of any thinker on the planet right now—but of course I don't keep up with everybody who thinks. Is there an ethos of gadflies? Maybe there are only ethoi that allow gadflies to flourish.

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Blogger Christoffer said...

Yusef, I think the discourse presented here many times by mr. Schantz is representative of a view from nowhere. This view is the ever renewing present, and it is possible to experience this present as beyond representation by language, history, or any other kind of structural "constraint". When I call this "now here" a "nowhere" it is because it is so abstract that reality (life) can longer find place. It cannot take place. So while the discourse pretends to praise life, it is actually on another level doing the opposite. However it cannot think its own shadow except paradoxically as a representation, which becomes mr. Schantz repetive critique of your thinking.

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Blogger Christoffer said...

This way we have a three-way handshake:

First the primary discourse,

“.. the continuous surge of life, to the vibrating intensities of existence, to the chaosmos of living and thinking, to the plasma of perpetual becomings."

The view from no where is then introduced by a new three-in-one as stopping, isolating and freezing.

"When Yusef is battling the concepts of totality and rationality he is trying to stop, isolate, and freeze the flow of emerging streams of creativity."

In the third and final movement a synthesis of sorts happen, the discourse becomes self-referencing, revealing the underpinning of the view-from-nowhere as death.

“But your text is totalizing, in its effort, to become un-totalizing. There’s a tension here. In fact there is an internal deconstruction going on: Your post is engaged in a discussion with itself which threatens to undermine its stated objective: it is almost necrophilia = desiring the death of thinking by caressing it.” – January 27, 2009.

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