Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Shadows of Totalization, Part XXVII

This will be a very short comment, but without which I could not proceed further. This is a bridging post.

I have used the furball,

Descartes founds his philosophy on a self which is self-evident

Mainly to say something about the concept of objectivity, having assumed so far that there is something tying the idea of self-evidence to objectivity (and maybe there is.)

But what I want to say now is something more simple-- what I feel when I speak of the “self-evident.” In other words, what it is I would “get” out of a self which is self-evident.

I mean: that I can trust myself, that I don’t lie to myself (or if I do lie to myself, I know I am lying to myself,) I don’t fool myself, I don’t trick myself, I don’t harm myself, I am not intentionally or unintentionally malicious to myself, I know what I want, I don’t want what I don’t want, I can intend something and then straightforwardly move toward what I intend... I can say what I mean.


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