Friday, September 10, 2010

The Pent Umbrage of the Tempy, Part X

You’ve seen the future generations come and go.

Some of those future generations are so moldy now, you and your generation have pulled on ahead of them. You wonder if the moldier future generations are aware of this. Probably not. Nearly all of the future generations are conceited in a way your generation never was.

It wouldn’t be so bad if each succeeding future generation wasn’t so similar to the previous ones. Then, when a new future generation came into your Firm (your organization--the firmly firmed firm you’ve helped to firm), bitching about how things could be changed for the better, it might amount to something. It wouldn’t be so monotonous. These same old cries for change and progress—they never change or progress.

The future generations disclaim responsibility…They assume they are change and progress – mind you now, not only the already egregiously arrogant claim they represent change and progress, but that they are change and progress.

The monotony of this change and progress... It is the identity of each and every future generation—you know it is. You know it was the identity of your generation, too. It’s weird that yours was the only one for which it was at all true, (though lord knows it wasn’t that true, even for yours.)

After you had comprehended the pattern of the future generations, (it wasn’t easy to comprehend—there were tremendous emotional difficulties to overcome), you had understood --in a flash, an epiphany, a moment of triumph—how to feed this pattern (or vibration) into the pattern (or vibration) of the beautiful organization of payroll (and The Firm whose organization conforms to and confirms payroll) you’ve endeavored to perfect…

…More than anything, it is a matter of image and language, of gesture, and of metaphor. The future generations, as they are fed into The Firm, must feel encompassed by its openness, held tight by its flexibility, nurtured by its hard necessity, bound by its endless possibility,secure in its dynamism, blinded by its high and low enlightenment.


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