Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Umbrellas Unopent in Tempests, Part XXVIII

The stoop is outside, where it is exposed to the winds that blow, the dust that covers, the leaves that decay, the rain that pools, and thus rots, the sun that nourishes strains of slime mold or algae not pleading the fifth amendment—("Yes, we are algae, and we grow in this restricted pool which has formed in this particular hapless depression (a defect of the two-by-twelve used to make the run of the third step) and we are not ashamed of what we are. We proclaim it and we don’t give a damn if anyone finds us guilty or not. We have staked out this domain (by the wash of our secondary metabolites, which we flush from our living tissues, much as you do your wastes from your anuses into your toilets, and out into the rest of the living world, to be dealt with by the rest of such world such as that living world is able (for the most part, us slime molds and algaes are best for accommodating you, and we feel this should entitle us to a little better treatment by you) to make our lives and to reproduce and be productive by cell division, here. This is what we will do. We rot your stoop and make it unsightly? 'Boo-hoo-hoo.' We could care less. You claim to want guests? We are your algal guests, what? You wouldn’t welcome Nelson Algren? Welcome to Nelson Algae!")

The stoop is relatively outside. (The stoop is partially covered from above by the jutting of the roof.) It offers entry—it offers entry to anyone who will walk up it. If the stoop was not there, a rude climbing, perhaps more difficult for anyone wearing a dress or other such covering, would be required. The stoop removes this discourtesy. The stoop, as it is customary on most dwellings in Itwethey’s locale, could be called, “standard issue courtesy.” Guest will not recognize the courtesy but would recognize the discourtesy if stoop has not been supplied. As a matter of fact, Itwethey has supplied the stoop as a courtesy for himself, primarily, as Itwethey has never yet, except once (this one event is the subject of this story,) had Guest come up the stoop and been thus absentmindedly greeted (in other words, unaware a courtesy, a token of mindfulness, was being extended, exhibited.) It is not objective because walking up it won’t be the same for everyone—Itwethey has hidden within it trap doors and subterfuges by which he will make walking up the stoop a very different experience for those she may not like. To the most naïve, the stoop will be taken as “objective”—it is just there.

Itwethey hadn’t really thought of the stoop as being a courtesy extended to Itwethey merely, when Itwethey had built the stoop. Itwethey now must admit Itwethey was guided by “convention.” That climb which would be rude and unmindful for Guest to make, especially Guest in skirt, the guest Itwethey most lusts after (openly and tolerantly invites, but with passion) wasn’t what Itwethey had planned for. Itwethey, thinking only of herself, would have liked to have forced herself to make that rude climb, each time entering cabin, in order to build gluteal strength, (and work off butt fat) and through the kind of swing of the hips that last tall step requires, increase flexibility. Yes, without the stoop, entry would require and develop strength and flexibility.)

Algal gobs now cover golden gobs, which not unlike spit do rain down onto sunken scene of murky depthal surface though surficial depth becomes our contemporary inquiry. From some indiscriminate sighting above, someone very talented has placed a spotlight—never in a hundred years had Sophocles or Euripides have gathered this placement would have this effect (is that why we only encounter Sophocles and Euripides in a history of literature? Why, in a history of literature, do we yet find in Sophocles and Euripides something new? Iffen they was so unsurfisticated in dramatic lighting? Maybe we can set up a cross-temporal dramatic exchange.) Light refracts (was this anticipated—AND—why is whether it is anticipated or not suddenly to become the “critical” question? Because consciousness is understood as one among many lighting effects?) Gobs sunlight splattering, Itwethey wakes from slumber and resolves to find a clearing within which to better enjoy gobs.


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