Monday, April 11, 2011

Umbrellas Unopent in Tempests, Part XX

I’ve had you now rigged veda rivb fada!!!

We do wish for: desire. Itwould be better if we did wishdezree, Itwewouldbebetterzeestighthey itzeqeoo: but as it is, we sit, lay, or stand in amazement at some green round, purty and never petrified but we would know ham sandwich spindled in care and LOVE And we say “covet”—illegal desire. (Now what are the nasty desires behind that word? “Covet”—feel at the same time the legality and commingled perversion therein) we will be pushing upward and forward (two covetous directions, to be pursued, along with progressed: coveted upward coveted forward coveted proboscis coveted progressive—the word covet is perfect as far as describing the desires of progress…They each and every retain the contained G space

Desire-wish: I will attempt to describe Andy Warhol as he is in a Helmut Newton photograph. Is Andy someone we would call open or accommodating? We don’t know about that, but we would say Andy was welcoming, and that’s what we value more. He welcomed a lot of people. Okay, his ideas of difference were flawed. We don’t care.

Hairy bush. Alone, solitary. Breathe abbreviated. Abbreviated, for efficiency? Not likely. Abbreviated for the air blue resin plumbed like an electric santilary, of which yoe’ve ne me stram. Like a plume. Welcome in challenge. Welcome in something we must find out about. It was wild welcome. We went to the museum. We saw a lot of stuff, among which, fright wigs they said belonged to Andy Warhol. Woohoowoodeededdeddeswishewaywooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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