Saturday, April 09, 2011

Umbrellas Unopent in Tempests, Part XVI

The probiliscope was intruded into Itwethey's project of courtliness. Of Itwethey's courtship of known and unknown. Itwethey couldn't have commemorated this, sitting idly in his warm bath of (here, we have been tempted to be cute--we will, due to some unknown force, refrain), of--some kind feeling for all of you who Itwethey will never know.

Itwethey had taken a long shot--Guest would exist, but never ever or by the by or by occasional nod take into mentality have known, Itwethey required something of Guest. Guest only wanted to "get away."

Itwethey wanted to screw with this, and with everything Itwethey might think Guest would exhibit. Itwethey knew whatever Guest would come down path, up stairs (please correct into "stoop": Itwethey stoops and threshes holds to capture)Itwethey would court and of course, in planning for everything Itwethey had never thought of creating a courtyard. There's some matted down moss, and detritus, serving as courtship yard, but no more. Path is beautiful, but not in the way corruptyard is, or would be.

Unelectable, inelectable, raison d'etre, Itwethey holds many balances, like a deer. Like a woman subjected to X-ray vision, subjected to some frail pretense of "all is well." Itwethey sings so many ballads, all of them moving. To move had been decided prior to Itwethey's birth.


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