Saturday, April 09, 2011

Umbrellas Unopent in Tempests, Part XIV

Before we can continue, Itwethey finds it necessary to make a small clarification.

Itwethey has not persuaded Guest to become naked and fetch firewood. Itwethey has not even yet spoken to Guest. Itwethey is in no way intimate with Guest. Guest has, in actuality, not yet crossed Itwethey’s threshold. Itwethey is still, though Guest is at Itwethey’s threshold, preparing for Guest—Itwethey remains in the preparation stage of encounter. (If there is such a stage of encounter—this is part of what Itwethey burns to know.)

What we saw before, in the unlucky portion of this account of what may become an encounter, was a time effect of Itwethey’s probiliscope. (There was another such event earlier, a very close call where Itwethey, through overdose on the probiliscope, very nearly engulfed Guest, ruining everything.) From now on, Itwethey will find a convenient way to distinguish and communicate probiliscope effect from non-effect(normal or actual or reality or say what?)

The probiliscope is invented, but its range and power remains to the largest extent unexplored. Itwethey has enough on the plate already without monkeying with the probiliscope, but can’t help it—it’s too tempting, it is too exciting to play with. Besides, there seems to be some overlap between these three most important of Itwethey’s ventures: preparation for encounter with Guest; God as contained space; and finding out what the probiliscope can do. Yes, Itwethey plans to aim the probiliscope at God. Itwethey has every intention of succumbing to that temptation—as soon as Itwethey gets up the guts, that is. ( Seeing a preview of Guest naked, while wonderful, is now regretted by Itwethey—it is contrary, Itwethey thinks, to Itwethey’s intention.)


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