Thursday, April 07, 2011

Umbrellas Unopent in Tempests, Part XII

Recount for us, if you will, Itwethey, the steps which take you to this place where God is intimate, and yet your fellow man is distant; where you prepare greeting with ineluctable and aleatory and yet studied and grave care (concern: in a mindforge this is said to be "condiscern", no matter what side effects, niggling horrors or slights your concerned and discerning cognated laborers want to put up later—Itwethey will enjoin); as if this is the absolute foreign with which you have nothing in common; as if God waiting is something qualitatively incommensurate-- you envisage Him as inmost within. God gives Himself; your fellows, with divine reserve, maybe not (through the randomness and discretion of their love, they are terrible.)

It is in a forest, dark, gloomy, decrepit, diseased, stifled, repressed; and yet you Itwethey, offer something you call flame-labor-suspense-dime-store—an appeal, humble by random, universal meaning connected to nothing; connection with something costing more than any of us commoners can afford, though many of us as of yet sexy, as of yet jungle or temperate forest enflamed! Temperature and time of temperate forest being elevated most exquisitely, as if temperate were the most exquisite time and temperature—yes, maybe so. Temper, temper—temper? Maybe so, if there is someone measuring temper(time) or temperature( heat).

Itwethey never in a billion years would have held heat in reserve. Nor time. Itwethey, truth be told did want it all now? (Why would desire be different?) What would a pause give to desire? What would a dimple give to relief? Over-excitation? That explains excitement, not relief. It describes pleasure, not peace.

Itwethey says, “welcome.” By it is meant: hindrance offered as gift to mind and body. Wrinkle: by which is meant acceptance of gift by mind and body. Grumble: by which is meant acceptance of hindrance and wrinkle (not resistance.) Get it over with if you will: Itwethey, speaking on behalf of all of us, loves the play and palaver of this prolongation of naughtiness—hindrance, goat, gatotat, falling flailing, fleshing, flthreshing, thresh: the "It" from the “we” from the “they”: then make "it?" the mission of (totalization?) to put it back together. What value proposes “itself (itwethey)” as higher?


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