Thursday, April 07, 2011

Umbrellas Unopent in Tempests, Part XI

Guest is, if Guest is and if Guest is as such, to Itwethey: l’autre (obviously?)

God is, if God is and if God is as such, Itwethey’s interior AND exterior. How and why God as interior AND exterior could be thought by Itwethey to be God as form, as contained space, as control, strikes Itwethey as crazy, implausible, and yet, Itwethey has both thought AND been this thought (Itwethey doesn’t want to deny the intimacy of this crazy thought, and what’s more, Itwethey knows Itwethey has thought and been this crazy and unexplored thought most thoroughly and intensely in moments Itwethey felt most sane, self-explicitly examined, and worthwhile.) Itwethey can think of himself as crazy, but as implausible? That's a limit to be tested.

God is, as interior AND exterior: both the first and last instance of cabin-interior with window-eyes and door-mouth in series with other cabin-interior with window-eyes and door-mouth peering, peering endlessly in two directions (unto either dead-end, where the series does end, as God.) Itwethey sees this as ugly and unsatisfactory, and cowardly, too. It is Itwethey’s reference point, in life, action, thought, in respite, in worship, even sleep. Itwethey might not be able to wake up without it. Itwethey does constantly worry: is this waking?

God is self-certain (cabin-interior is self-certain, as is cabin-exterior); and the gambit of Guest is to be invited, greeted, and hosted random. Itwethey, solitary, lingering, fingering, coiffed and chaffed and chafed, singled and singed and annealed, waiting passive alert, inane and inert, would treat God as Guest(not as interior or exterior, but as other): Itwethey has a number of questions, and beyond that, problems.


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