Thursday, March 31, 2011

Umbrellas Unopent in Tempests, Part VI

Itwethey is waiting in a cabin in a forest. The forest is dark, and inside the cabin it is even darker, but light comes through two windows, facing south. The two windows seem like two eyes, and inside the cabin, it feels like the inside of a skull. Itwethey has the feeling of being inside another skull, peering out two eyes, into the inside of a skull which is the one room of the cabin, and out through the two window-eyes, out into the world, the visible.

Only Itwethey knows the cabin is there. (So far, Itwethey is the only person who has seen or been in the cabin.) It is hidden very carefully. To get to the cabin, there is only a narrow footpath through the woods; only Itwethey’s feet have been on this path, formed by Itwethey’s feet going back and forth. (There are a few windfalls here and there blocking the path.)

It is here and in this way Itwethey waits for guest, and thus guest can't know Itwethey waits for guest. Guest cannot know guest will be guest. Guest has no idea (Itwethey’s idea.) Guest must stumble into function and role of guest by stumbling upon Itwethey. Come unbidden. Come not knowing coming. Going not realizing going. Not knowing coming as guest. Not wanting, maybe, to be among people, to be greeted, to be welcomed, to be guest. In the woods, maybe and probably, to “get away,” to avoid or be reprieved of functions and roles, demands.

Itwethey, on the other hand, anticipates guest. Prepares for guest. Waits to be shattered by guest. Waits to shatter guest? Guest, no doubt, will be terrified. Itwethey’s unexpected hospitality may scare guest to death. However, it’s also quite possible guest will find Itwethey while lost, while somewhat desperate, or perhaps merely concerned and tired. Or, guest could be coming up path (though narrow and unmarked, the path isn’t disguised, camouflaged, or impossible to strike upon), curious and idle, wandering…The dark forest is beautiful and to a certain type or frame of mind, plenty inviting…Itwethey’s dark forest invitation is Itwethey’s perfectly-tailored invitational outvitalisteionale.


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