Friday, June 03, 2011

Umbrellas Unopent in Tempests, Part LV

“How deeply satisfying it is, when after adjudicating (through comparison, reflection, and abstraction) the flash ‘raw’ feeling ‘this is beauty’-- that immediate, ‘intuitive’, ‘from the gut’, ‘from the heart’, (or, ‘from the gut-heart’, which is a raw feeling simultaneously originating in organic and natural purity from both the gut AND the heart, they are ‘corroborating’ each other…AND ‘collaborating’ with each other….But then again, what about the ‘from the gut-heart-pancreas-spleen-rightbigtoe’ intuition, which is the doppelgangersockdollager of compound glory!)to discover that ‘raw’ feeling was sufficient, ‘as good as it gets’, as confirmed by the conceptual (conscious) adjudication(through comparison, reflection, and abstraction.) No one argues against this EVER happening, now do they?” Itwethey says, winded by the expenditure of saying that all in one breath, exasperated by thinking it all in one thought.

“We might—and point to whoever in whatever historical tradition says we don’t—intuit what we later conceptually realize was already sufficient.

“The CRITICAL question:—do we always?

“If we do always, philosophy, which is concept creation, bows out. If we do sometimes, adjudication of cases will probably have a permanent and important role(Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie or BillyBobthorNt0n) or function(esophagus or exhaust pipe…) to play. If we do never—can George Walker Bush be coaxed back into public life because we’ve got a police state to get erected ASAP! (Note how “ASAP” occurs frequently in daily life, a little less commonly in financial literature, a little less commonly in politics, never in literature, never in philosophy (except as sarcasm in literature and philosophy.)”


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