Thursday, August 18, 2011

Temporary but Unrepentant Umbilical to Furthur Thought-Insanity, Part XVI

Carlos-O(1): “ There’s also something in common between totalization and dualisms—the objects of our revolt and overcoming.”

Orla-O(1): “ What would that be?”

Carlos-O(1): “ If we view totalization in terms of a set relationship between any subject and object, the dualistic nature of totalization becomes obvious.”

Orla-O(1): “ Yes, that is so.”

AUTHOR-O(1)'s NOTE-O(1):
Orla-O(1) is thus quickly reduced to asking questions allowing Carlos-O(1) to clarify what is already meant, or simply agreeing. “What?” and “Yes, that is so,” is said way, way too many times. Indeed, Carlos-O(1) and Orla-O(1) are engaged in Platonic dialogue, PLATO-O(1) DIALOGUE-O(1). Fiendishly, we hope later to reverse their roles to further mystify the power relationship involved…As long as the two switch back and forth between master and student roles, we can assure it will take two millennium or so before anyone notices there is a power relationship involved.
Carlos-O(1): “ The theory of change may also be similar. The subject and object change through a higher synthesis of both in the totalization. It may also be said larvae come about through a synthesis—an organic synthesis.”

Orla-O(1): “ Yes, that is so. However, with synthesis of larvae, we at least have DNA syntheses—-copulation!”


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