Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Umpired Umbathy, Pathic and Pathological, Part VII

“ I am not really a man of science, an artist, a poet, not an observer, not an experimenter, and not a thinker. I am nothing but by temperment a colonizer—a plunderer, if you want to translate the word--with the greed, the boldness and audacity, and the rapacious ambition belonging to that type of being. Such people are apt to be treasured if the region they colonize yields much richness—especially gold, jewels, and other precious metals and objects-- if they have really colonized, exploited, and sacked great wealth : otherwise they remain lower level mediocre bourgeois bureaucrats. “ -- Cigarchimper Fraud in a letter to his friend Fleeced, quoted by Joons, and taken from June Malcontent In the Fraud Accumulation of B.S., 1983, page 1,00,110,111,001,101.


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