Saturday, September 17, 2011

Temporary but Unrepentant Umbilical to Furthur Thought-Insanity, Part XXXVI

Carlos-o(∞):“Here is another associative permucombination of your Enlightenment theory,

‘Enlightenment is the overcoming of A Deadening Process through An Enlivening Process.’”

Carlos-O(1): “ Yes, it is so.”

Carlos-o(∞): “ We observe two things: 1) the degree to which your theory is Manichean; 2) its romanticism.”

Carlos-O(1): “ It’s troubling to me.”

Author-O(1)’s note: It’s not troubling to me. I remind everyone we will eventually take Carlos-O(1)’s theory of Enlightenment, in its original form, as perfect. Please keep in mind, as we rearrange and recombine the elements of this theory, we will not ultimately back down from any of terms or elements of its original statement, (e.g. totalization.)

Carlos-o(∞): “ Totalization, objectivity, completeness, stasis, and other conceptions associated with these terms are death processes, while freedom, life, flowing, creating, becoming, are life processes. ( In the historical Enlightenment: custom, tradition, dogma are the thoughtless, while rationality (totalization, objectivity) and empiricism are the thoughtful.)”

Carlos-O(1): “ Of the above, Totalization and objectivity, elements of what the historical Enlightment regarded as the thoughtful, become in our time part of what we regard as death processes. How could what had been regarded as the thoughtful come to be a death process, come to be associated with death processes, against the life processes? ”

Carlos-o(∞): “How could so many of the ‘thoughtful’ productions be so deadly destructive? How did your ‘thought’ result in atom bombs, global poverty, perpetual war, ecological catastrophe? ”


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