Thursday, August 10, 2006

The Geology of Geology, the Repression of Repression, Part I

Maggot: “Okay, let’s all agree that there are autopoetic systems or organs or whatever noun we might wish to qualify with the adjective ‘autopoetic.’ There’s probably very little controversy about this… and the discovery of autopoetic systems, their acceptance in the scientific community, let us agree, is of major importance, and is a major advance.”

Father Gilliam: "No doubt."

Maggot: “However, this isn’t very interesting from the point of view of answering the question, ‘why does one desire one’s own repression?’

If there are autopoetic systems, ( and we agree that there are,) then why is there ever, anywhere, or for any reason, a system, or an organ, or whatever noun one might wish to qualify, something which is not autopoetic?

Why wouldn’t all systems be autopoetic?

Why would any system at all be NON-autopoetic?

What do we learn when we discover that there are systems or organs or organizations or whatever noun one might wish to qualify, which are NON-autopoetic?”

Father Gilliam: "Ah, Maggot! Maybe you are on to something!"

Maggot: “What I want to ask you, Father Gilliam, is this: does your ‘ethic’ and does your ‘logic’ come down to a demand that all NON-autopoetic systems or organs or organizations of whatever noun one might wish to qualify be considered unnecessary, frivolous, trivial, alogical or antilogical or anti-sensual or anti-affective or whatever, and on this basis ‘bad’ and therefore to be eliminated or avoided or expurgated or selected against?”

Father Gilliam: "No, Maggot. I think that the components of my concept of ‘strata’ which make my concept of strata work the way that I intended they work have been bypassed and rendered inoperable, and I mean it – no matter how much I love and admire Varela, Delanda, and the others."


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