Monday, September 18, 2006

A (BwO)el Movement: In Aahhs and Oomphs

Maggot: “To play with ideas… everyone ( and I do mean everyone ) will acknowledge that to play with ideas has some important place in the life of society and in the life of the world.”

Cyber-boy: “So… What is the problem? Where does the problem lie?”

Maggot: “The problem lies here… we can ‘play’ with ideas so long as we restrict ourselves to that carefully demarcated realm of experience known to us all as the ‘aesthetic.’ If we ever, ever, ventured from that realm, that realm of the ‘aesthetic’ on into the realm of the ‘ethical’ and continued to ‘ play with ideas,’ we would soon be met with acrimony, chastisement, and imprisonment.”

Cyber-boy: “Most certainly, we would. But I have to ask: is there any way that you can show that to ‘play with ideas’ within the realm of the ethical is anything less than irresponsible and deplorable – anything less than something to be abhorred and condemned, and rightfully so? Rightfully so because, in this ‘playing’, in this quote unquote ‘innocent’ ‘playing’- there are victims… people become harmed.”

Cyber-boy: ( beginning to rant): There is not an intriguing ‘becoming minor’ or a ‘becoming animal’ or a becoming woman’ in this kind of play – there is a becoming harmed, a becoming maimed, and a becoming dead. There is nothing fun or funny about any of it. Society must condemn this… It is by necessity that society does what it does… does not allow ‘play’ in this realm.

Maggot: “Hold on one second…”

But Maggot gets cut off….


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