Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The Geology of Repression, Part VII

Father Gilliam: “I had to devote myself to showing the extent to which a concept of repression relied upon concepts of the mind involving such phenomena as the action of 'memory.' I didn’t want to proceed in this way… I had to do so… I was forced to do so. What I was forced to do bordered upon the mundane… this is clear.”

Maggot: “I’ve tended to see your devaluation of memory in mind as coinciding with your denunciation of the mind as “theater” in favor of an image of mind as “factory” – as coinciding with your attack on mind as interiority and internal spectacle in favor of a mind which produces and plays without any incessant and compulsive “onlooking.” The memory and the action of memory, it seems to me, is aligned with the mind as “theater” in opposition to the mind as “factory”. I play my memory the way I play a video… I look at myself acting out my life…Whatever these recorded actions mean, and I love to interpret them, it is clear to me that onlooking in my own life is not productive… It never moves me forward.”

Pussy l’Amour: (He’s a new character in this dialogue, and I will not introduce him – give him a full identity – until much, much later.): “ Especially the Oedipal theater of memory… rooting around and playing different video clips from the film library of memory, hoping to catch a glimpse of Oedipus at work… this is utterly unproductive.”

Father Gilliam: “It was necessary to take some well-accepted activity of the mind – some unquestionable action of mind as all know it – and memory does fit this bill – and evaluate its functioning, precisely as a repetition which deludes all as being a repetition without difference.”

Maggot: “I think that most intelligent people repudiate the concept of memory as the concept of intelligence, and repudiate intelligence as the concept of mind. Everyone “knows” ( as discursive practice, as a matter of the heart,) that the mind and the actions of the mind far exceed memory and any inclusive concept of intelligence… the mind is beautiful, and what is beautiful is far beyond the intelligent, the determinate, and what people know… it is what people do not know…”

Maggot: (barphing into porcelain): “Yo, I barph the excessive…”

Maggot: ( here completely serious, clean, sober) : Even though this means taking a very different approach from the stratic approach I’ve pursued thus far, I want repression examined as if repression simply meant- had this restricted meaning - inability, or incapacity, to play. The judgment as to whether this incapacity exists or not is left to whomever … that this means that Hitler judges that he has the capacity to play while Charles Chaplin on the other hand judges that he cannot ( although any sane person on the planet forms a judgment to the contrary) is a consequence I accept -- for the time being.

Bat Masturbaturson: ( also not to be introduced until much later) : “Can I relate incapacity to play with an inability to learn, and make the study of repression a study of, not how people learn, but why it is that people never learn, of why people do not learn?”

Maggot: “Bat, will you please? Will you hold that thought? We will need it.”


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