Tuesday, September 19, 2006

A (BwO)el Movement: In Prhmpaahs and Hramampaahs

Cyber-boy: “I have no choice but to defend those principles of human societies which erect strict boundaries around those areas where play and enjoyment may responsibly take place. If you want to play, go to a playground or a playpen or an art department…. But if you want to do work, or brain surgery, or undertake any activity which may seriously impact the life of anyone else, which involves you acting responsibly-- then for goodness sake, leave the playground and get serious and remember that you’ll be able to take your pleasure and personal happiness at a later time.”

Maggot: “On which side of these boundaries does philosophy belong, Cyber-boy? Is philosophy play or work? Or both? If both, how am I to understand that?”

Cyber-boy: “It could be both if you erected, within philosophy, boundaries between the serious stuff and the playful stuff. For example, the boundary between the ‘anglo-american’ and the ‘continental’ could be understood as such a boundary. For the hardheaded and the intelligent, there is the ‘anglo-american’ side of things, and for the weak, namby-pamby, and effeminate, who need softer material to work with, there is the ‘continental.’ But whether this is a good boundary or not, I am not so sure. The point is -- and I want to keep to the point…. Play has its place, and it is fine in that place. Outside of that place, however, it is a big disaster. When you want to take play out of its place and beyond its limits, Maggot, you are simply acting ( thinking) irresponsibly. ”


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