Monday, September 25, 2006

Somebody Put Poop on the Miracle, Part I

Maggot: “I don’t know how to create a concept. Let me put this bluntly: not knowing how to create a concept means I also do not know anything about ‘becomings’ and ‘affect’. I am putting my cards out on the table: I have none.”

Cyber-boy: “We’re going to play the hand we are dealt. You were dealt a bad hand – we are going to make that hand a winner.”

Father Gilliam: “Deal me in.”

Maggot: “ If I create a concept, I demand that I further the great genius of western civilization – purely and simply: universalization. I also demand this, and I want both: that the fact of class conflict is seen as exactly that – a fact. I want universalization, and I want it to take into account class conflict. Let me be honest: is this such a difficult demand for me to place on my thought? Surely this is not insurmountable for thinking, or is it?”

Cyber-boy: “If you are to call concept creation invention, you’ll rally every capitalist in the ‘system’, in the ‘body with organs’ to your aid. That could be very,very good for the pocket book, you know.”

Father Gilliam: “The concept is not a harmonization. It does INCLUDE conflict, contradiction, NOISE, and what ‘doesn’t fit’…”

Maggot: “Thank God.”


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