Monday, October 02, 2006

Body Politic Suppository Extrude Organ

Maggot: “Wild, wild, wild… I had to go ahead and do it… I didn’t even know what it was, or what I was doing… these were important design requirements of it, of doing it, you understand…”

Cyber-boy: (peeved): “Yeah, I know about you guys… You think that ‘revolution’ means ‘getting wild’… What you guys have is a purely romantic vision of ‘revolution’ and how to make ‘revolution’, and on the ground, (the underground or the overground or even the groundless – also known as ‘the abyss’), what you guys do is to make a big mess… You don’t make revolution, you make big do-do…”

Maggot: “Do you really believe that you can plan the revolution? Aren’t there some theoretical problems with that? Is it a revolution if it has been planned to begin with?”

Cyber-boy: “See, the bourgeois nature of your thinking shows through here… you don’t want to work… that’s the main thing for you – you don’t want the pain or the sweat or the toil…that’s what you want to cast off… But, you see, to make revolution means to toil, to sweat, to bleed – it requires the very ‘character structures’ you seem to abhor…What you want is what the bourgeoisie already had, already had accomplished, a complete blurring of work and play… That blurring is not revolutionary…it is reactionary.”

Maggot: “The kind of revolution which is planned and which is foreseeable, is merely reformist…It isn’t revolution at all. I think what happens is that there is movement, and that movement goes somewhere, but not that far; not far enough to escape the gravitational fields of the territory it is escaping ( revolutionizing, changing); failing to escape these gravitational fields, it merely falls back into them.”

Cyber-boy: “Even if there is a falling back, a failure to achieve goals, ( and I concede that there is such failure,) there has been tremendous, glorious effort expended to break away…What has been accomplished subsists no matter what…At least things cannot be considered worse than before…”

Maggot: “I don’t know whether there is a kind of subsistence or not. I think it is at least possible that there is not. An incredible ‘stake’ of human effort, labor, and suffering has been placed on the idea of ‘progress’, and if all of that ‘stake’ has been on something as flimsy and potentially ridiculous as this idea that what has been progressed ‘subsists no matter what’, I have problems with that…”

Cyber-boy: “ You think that what I am really doing is vouchsafing the entire history of twentieth century revolutionary activity on what is no more than negativism, the value of ‘suffering’ and the fantastically abstract concept of ‘work’, don’t you?”

Maggot: “We need to get down to brass tacks on some of these categories we use, Cyber-boy. I don’t call it ‘work’ unless it is a praxis… that you would dare to do so makes you a ridiculous figure to me…A more heedless romantic than me…as much as you would deny that.”


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