Saturday, January 12, 2008

Multiplicity-Selection; Multiplicity-Delirium

We hominids, huddled together under a sky alternately frigid and hot, bustle with virtuality. It is our relationship with the virtual which makes us interesting to this humanoid who inadequately interrogates our connections and couplings.

This humanoid is Yusef. Does anyone need that explicit disclaimer?

If my hunches are correct, we question the Enlightenment in terms of its relationship to the virtual in exactly the same way. Otherwise, we default to a periodization question, and an acceptance or a rejection of the duality: modernity versus non-modernity, (the ancients.)

See, I think these hominids are interesting because their relationship to the virtual is so explicit. To say it is explicit is not to say it is privileged or special or unique. It is also not to give it a heuristic advantage.

The idea of the vitual needs to penetrate into anthropology. It also needs to penetrate into the mathematics of probability.

I slip here and I slip there. I grope and grasp and have only the dimmest awareness of the quivering flesh which I both escape and come home to. Hey? Is this the ideal of the orgy or is this the venal sin of giving way to the ugliest taboo sin?

Quivering flesh? “Quivering flesh” is shorthand for the ridiculous, or “quivering flesh” is shorthand for pleasure, or both.

If it is the case that I the humanoid am willing to accept a reduction of capacity and of the sensory, then it is possible I am moving into a more disadvantageous relationship to the virtual than my ancestor, the hominid.

He was a ratty fellow, stank worse than shit or piss, or both, lumbered along without anger or rancor or plan or impulse, and yet with an extraordinary élan, in the most magnificent sense of that word.

Here I am, communicating far and wide with command of electrons and multiplex bands of the electromagnetic spectrum – I smell of various natural and artificial, elemental and synthesized flavors and aerosols, and yet, it is so obvious: my relationship to the virtual has contracted and been reduced.

It isn’t a matter of my approach to the perfect having been deflected.

It is a matter of my becoming of having been cemented, blocked, turned into its “opposite.”

Multiplicty-selection: remove the idea of agency, and this is okay.

Multiplicity-delerium: this concept is a little closer to giving proper weight to the unconscious in productivity.


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