Monday, April 06, 2009

The Shadows of Totalization, Part XXI

This statement,

Descartes founds his philosophy on a self which is self-evident

Which I have authored, is a translation (I like to believe,) a faithful copy of a Cartesian something.

For reasons I am attempting to make apparent, I translate the above translation yet again,

I have a concept of my self wherein I understand my self as self-evident.
I have the idea that by making the translation refer to me rather than to Descartes, I can make the idea be what I want it to be…I don’t need to worry so much about faithfulness to Descartes.

The echoes of Descartes which are likely to be perceivable by readers of my second translation, along with any discordant tones, I dismiss as “the readers' problem.” When I find myself thereby locked in my solitary little world of woe (no one else wants to listen to my deadbeat discords) I won’t attend to this woe—for it is “extra-philosophical.”


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Yusef,

My wife and I are traveling this week and I just read your latest post.

This is some impressive exegesis you are engaged in. It will be interesting to follow.

Sorry to interrupt (and thereby becoming part of “the readers'
problem.” :-))

Keep at it.


5:55 PM  

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