Wednesday, April 08, 2009

The Shadows of Totalization, Part XXII

I “make” this statement,

Descartes founds his philosophy on a self which is self-evident.

I make it, author it, and yet also claim it as a translation from Descartes. Which part of Descartes does it come from? Damned if I know….The ethereal part of Descartes which mingles with my gold-tinged fogs?

I do think the statement is “correct.” I thought it was correct when I first wrote it, and then after posting it, I decided I had better see if I could find confirmation. I did a few Google searches using various combinations of search words, and satisfied myself I was not saying something about Descartes which would be considered a distortion.

What I really determined through my Google searches was that the idea Descartes said something similar to what I say he said is a standard view.

It has been a long time since I have read some Descartes, and I have never read all of Descartes. Rather than comparing my statement with what other people say Descartes said, I could attempt to independently determine whether Descartes ever said things which resemble and would support my interpretation of (translation from?) Descartes.

I’m not going to try-- I don’t believe Descartes ever said anything of the sort. I don’t think Descartes would have said,

I found my philosophy on a self which is self-evident.


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