Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Penumbra of the Empty, Part X

A very simple and straightforward dichotomy: to inform or to transform.

Surely to decide between the two, or to make the two, is a dividing practice—a dividing practice—this and nothing more.

We might think how wonderful and neoliberal it is to inform…Filled with delightful and wonderful little nuggets of information and even factoids, to fill a Santa’s Christmas stocking… To delight the children, momentarily, with the diversity and diversified splendor of the world…With their splendid opportunity of education.

Which can be fleshed and flashed out in a provocative way such as to establish one’s superiority in a very well-established ranking of standardized hierarchical scales?


Pussy d’armor: “I am above you…I am better informed.”

Pussy d’amour: “Yes, you most certainly are…I can’t deny it…I wouldn’t deny it.”
But what if to transform is not just another dividing practice? What if it operates on a different level? A level which cannot be, using the practices of the dividing practices, merely divided. A pragmatics of the multiple.


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