Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Pent Umbrage of the Tempy, Part XIV

The pleasure of dodging details, of maintaining an expansive perspective, of looking forward to what can be, what can be improved (often through alleviating onerous “details” made necessary by the harsh conditions of human existence), of retaining a capacity for excitement, vitality…

You would never believe there could be an excitement to adding details, or a feeling of vitality to tending to them, bent over, scrunched, a servile "cleaning up" of pulling the stems and roots growing and clinging within the dingy, dirty cracks between wide plains of open, light space…

You were inclined to see preoccupation with detail as a marker of low status, but even more than that, a defect of character. A defect of human existence—-a sign someone had been maimed. Maimed by family, by education, by occupation, by class (lower.) It was not for you. Your power to conceptualize freed you from all mires of detail. ( You still think this "contains" a crucially-important insight.)


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