Wednesday, October 06, 2010

The Pent Umbrage of the Tempy, Part XVII

You want to say a few things about the building (building--that thing which houses organization) you've helped to build.

The building was built before you ever got there, but it isn't called a built, it is called a building, and for very good reason--it's an ever-present building (process). You were and are an important part of that process.

First, you will talk about some of the process which processed(NB: you could have said "which occurred", quite inappropriate in this context) before youprocessed into the process.

Beneath the surface of the island upon which the building is built, there is a solid geological substratum--solid rock. All of the basement of the building (that upon which the building is based) is tunneled into this solid substratum. A hole is made. When you speak of basement(that upon which the building is based) you are speaking of this hole. That upon which the building is based is not there--it has been excavated.

What is understood as special (by you)is that this hole doesn't in any way reduce the solid substance of the substratum. Or take away any of its power of foundation (of being that upon which the building is based.)

The linguistic power of "basement" rushes in, like a special plastic filler, to take over whatever material power was excavated when the basement layers of the superstructure were processed. Could this hole upon which all solidly rests be the place where you are in we and we is in the they and they is in the cosmos, that perfectly organized organization?


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