Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Umbrellas Unopent in Tempests, Part XXIX

Slowly, languidly, Venus Fur-trap-like, (wicked snapping of passive green, (traitor to the garden! Traitor to photosynthesis, (elegant compared to spittle-gobbed and fanged “in””beau”gestations or gestions, but not if leaves are going to contort themselves into some evil mouth-jaw shape, and use element of surprise to trap goobs of sun in the form of Yahweh-Prince of Flies, not to say what it is those hangiedown thingies are at the fringe of the leaf—a philosopher who is interested in the mislogic of analogy and also the peculiar way language shapes reality might do well to investigate this homology, this analogy), tensiled phloem, trusted flower, icy beginning, tempting nectar,) and yet very quickly too, vegetal images burnished by animal into slowness of seasonal growth, quickly converted to convention, to Itwethey’s inward eye, an eye preferred, etched, like a sheaf of sketches, mobile, forthcoming, Guest is happening along…Guest is happening: Itwethey, having mistaken the happening for the commodity, snaps down upon Guest, and with clever use of goo (gle) has got some gooey goed geochronal nutrient on which to dine.

When it gets right down to it, what Itwethey is hoping for is an alternative to the predator-prey situation which is the only one relationship on tap(or bottled) in America, even in the remote valley of BwOaska where Itwethey has staked his claims. It’s mistaken for civilization, though it is as far as possible from that. Flmabe art work, and art gallery, and genius level art work can lever or segue, on consignment or offer (or bid) . This is called “mutuality” sometimes, civilization at others, “pluralism” now and then, equality, if we are in a salon, or a coffee shop, where people congregate to celebrate the tame pleasure of caffeine, or purity. Multi-culturalism( a lot of us, maybe even a plurality of us would never have dreamed culturalism was anything but multi—excess—multi pressed onto multi—as a creamed delight presstitution—woohoo! what is tha’ but an affront to purity?(Purity deserves all the effrontery it gets! Until it is something new) Guest’s smile ground into a percolated mixture to be subjected to a boil, or a “biol” (believe it or not, it was difficult to type “biol” into this due to the self-correcting software which wanted “biol” to be “boil” correctly spelled. Dang—“biol” is the word intended, wanted, desired, regardless of “repressive” word-processing software we’ve been baited with.) Venus-warmth-flyeth doth indo splake—wha/ ? Boobs weren’t so much arranged as mouth (though they gaped) as buttock (though they extruded?) rompompumupghpumped-goldfinched! Away. (We get the viol of biol and the boil of violen or the biol boil o’ bi old violent violviolet mauve)

Dictionary is an odd way to establish dominance, doncha think?(Don Johnson and Natalie Hollaway were we oncedowned jubilstreamed! Shitenmearsed! (Just one Polaroid inserted here—as illustration—and by the conventions of path and stoop, maiden-ready, for the image is known and accepted—though Itwethey as scientist hasn’t yet come around to (Fox fur delta…Delta is that special place foxy fur meant and fixtured into dentate Delta is change and it certainly is, as oasis of fertile fructile crescent of moon and fooked) Lion, not lemming, fur. Itwethey mean, who cares about the definitive meaning? Who? Why build a monument to a meaning? To stabilize it? To identify it with a specific WHO who is who? (Fixt that who that monument be manumintal be manatee mermaidal blue and vinyl) Wadja language for cept to dominate? Is it for the lambs or the eagles? (Itwethey knows the warranted humility of such a stupid question. I mean, at the very least he could be celebrating the strange of Kings and proletariat), And yet brilliant for all of that, as is the encyclopedia which gives an authoritative and neutral read of all trappings and frappes of history...

Some minor pleasure. Trust me, more pleasure, even a major pleasure is possible. Somewhat cool, as evidenced by a poof of fogliggetine and forcwueks, like a mutiny, a crust.


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