Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Umbrellas Unopent in Tempests, Part XXXI

Guest was holding some firewood. Itwethey hadn’t the slightest understanding of how this has transpired. There was almost always a need for firewood—Itwethey was the first to know this. During the winter time, it was Itwethey’s obsessive and yet casual concern (Itwethey, lazy, concerned with the abstract, little peepee most of the time wired to fantasy, not reality) that firewood be gathered and readily available if in case of frigidity moving in and causing suffering and paralysis.

Guest: let us attempt to describe her. Just as a general frame, think of both Lauren Bacall and Charlotte Rampling. Bacall or Rampling: Deleuze or Bogart. (Interesting, this stinking software corrects me on Deleuze, but recognizes Bogart. Itwethey concludes Bogart is much more establishment (bourgeois) than Deleuze, but why?) What kind of beauty is that? Itwethey assumes this is French avant-garde, in part because of its willingness to get naked and enjoy ( bathing. Bath, get yourself clean, means getting naked, even though and not in spite of, the fact that getting yourself clean is all about the sacred, whereas being naked is all about the “profane”. The propane, a gas, combustible, as we shall see Guest is combustible—and must be combusted—by Itwethey. Itwethey will put Guest in pipe and smoke, (NB: Itwethey meant to say “smoek” but again correcting software forced Itwethey to type the more conventional—the entirely conventional—smoke—(not that that is in any way unbeautiful or unbeautific)).

Of course Guest has perfect breasts. Hair is wonderful, as are eyes. There is something almond in the eyes. The shape? No, the content. The content of the eyes? Almondine? Or beige? Beige bath. Itwethey stands before bath and in the eyes of Guest all the reflected colors of Itwethey are there, all Itwethey wants to see—let there be no doubt. Itwethey wishes for the form of almondine.

Guest is too healthy to be beautiful. Little peepee is entirely unobservant (there is no obserject in these genitizing eyes). A round of fire, a sound of fife, a squire of the square, a pound of puppy pipe put in to “smoek” to realize to dwell upon to photograph, to ignite, to squarignite, to rarify, to volatilize, to spiritualize, as when the volatile molecules of smell go beyond the nose, and into any space: fifspirsqbeetnestin.


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