Friday, June 10, 2011

Umbrellas Unopent in Tempests, Part LVI

“However, there is something very positive and affirming and bold and audacious and vibrant in this silent, (or soft), musically announced ‘this is beauty.’ Kant had to have had a reason to treat beauty, even practically,” Itwethey muse-ratio-I-I-I-anizes. “We would like the practical to not need the hesitation of reason, and our beauty must elude, evade, avoid, or abhor the practical, much as nature used to, back when nature was natural, and proud of it, abhor a vacuum.” ‘Intuition’ has already been asked to back off, back off! Over there to the neutral corner, where we (pronoun of the empty) think the empty,(it isn’t the neutral, note) as our bell has been rung, resoundingly. We have no idea how to do without you, (Intuition-Woman), but that doesn’t mean we know what to do with you. (You have your place and we decide, in our fairness and neutrality, it is superior. Superior being understood as standing under, believe it or not understood as standing “under.”)

Itwethey toys with the notion of not announcing “it.” Itwethey’s boldness is not involved with any announcements. We don’t need no damned language interfering wi’ natura, naturans, “or orangutans”. Those monkeys are orange. We’ll interweave a bunch of faded (artistically so, not scientifically or philosophically so) …languages. If we are going to have a virgin birth, if we are going to actualize abstraction (sweatless, gruntless, stinkless, embar-bareassedless, gawkless, mawkish-mawkishless, planned-to-perfection AND perfectly planned such as the independence of the mental requires), woman emerges from the mental…This is the founding emergence.

“‘This is beauty’, is said as an organized sound. Venus. It isn’t a grunt. (Not to say a grunt hasn’t been organized. Indeed, it has been. If it has been recorded, and thus preserved, using ferromagnetism, we know, by the very act of being able to reproduce the grunt, to what extent it is organized, and we, as recorders, are also organized. We get not flat cooperation, but cooperation rounded.” Itwethey is not expansive here. The intention is to be and affirm it, the reduced. To curl, ever so gently, into a hollow round, of interiority. Someone must come around later and say, “Hey, why curled, why gently curled, ever so gently, curly-gently, a hallowed round, a vegetable, of interiority?”

“We make concessions to these nagging (intense? Hear the hypocrisy) needs of saying, before the form of woman, “Wow!” We can’t use you. That means you are without reason. That means you are to be rejected. That means (remember: this is all set against the background where if the thought occurs at all, it exists) what you offer will be conferred on to the functional as the functional: these feathers of flight are made to take us higher.


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