Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Shadows of Totalization, Part XXV

I want to say something about the peculiar inversions, eversions, and perversions which take place when the subject takes its own subjectivity as an object.

In the manner of coughing up a fur ball, I have coughed up the following,

Descartes founds his philosophy on a self which is self-evident.

I wanted this to be a step within a progression of symmetry operations by which and through which the subject/object plane would reveal to me a little more distinctly just what bends and folds this plane can and cannot accomplish.

My tentative idea was to present Descartes, with his splendid boldness and clarity, as having manipulated the plane so that the subject is straightforwardly presented as an object to its self, as its self. The subject is an object, the subjective is the objective, the subject can serve as evidence (of what sort? What can this possibly mean?) to itself.

I’ve had a number of severe second thoughts about this, and what’s more, I confess I don’t even know what level to place these second thoughts on. So, I am kind of stuck—the second fur balls in my throat are unwilling to cough out.

I do want to make this minor move—I want to indicate the oddity and difficulty of this phrase,

"The concept of objectivity..."

I am offended by it. I don’t want no damned concept of objectivity…I want objectivity neat and clean. Except, do I ?


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