Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Pent Umbrage of the Tempy, Part XIX

You’d wanted to offer a short, simple description of The Firm’s headquarters, but must have become somewhat sidetracked, because now what’s come to mind again is the condition of the future generations.

You ask the reader to consider your digressions, not undisciplined wanderings, but as guided by the crystalline rectilinear order of the palatial cosmos. Even your digressions are fortified with purpose—straightforward straight lines directly directed in the direction of perfectly ordered order.

The straggling future generations straggle in the front door to take their place in The Firm’s march. At first, so full of sponginess, so needing of fortification. So willing to be fortified. So willing for the helpings of your special plastic filler. So willing, after receiving an allotment of your special plastic filler, to despise those receiving less.

You have created a hierarchy by distributing your special plastic filler. This is how The Firm is governed.

Even more wonderful: to The Firm’s allotted future generations, the hierarchy is perceived to extend beyond The Firm, out into the wider world. The remarkable intricacy of your special plastic filler injections is such that the many out on the streets, out of The Firm, who have received no allotment, are viewed by the allotted future generations of The Firm as being so deprived as to be BELOW hierarchy itself: as outcastes, nondescripts, subhuman, as—-not existing. Not worthy of consideration, care, regard.

The Firm’s coherence depends on this attitude of exclusion. ( What you have here labeled “coherence” is a particular kind of organization of The Firm, of the payroll department, a very special part of The Firm’s, and payroll’s, glorious beauty. There is no dark corner or hidden recess anywhere in The Firm unexposed by the rays of the blazing beauty of this particular kind of organization you know as “coherence.”)


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