Thursday, April 28, 2011

Umbrellas Unopent in Tempests, Part XXXIII

It’s kind of troubling, but apparently we are going to need to make a theme of Guest being naked, being made to be naked, and gathering firewood naked, being made to gather firewood naked—by Itwethey. Itwethey had no intention of such a thing—the idea was to provide hospitality to Guest, as a consideration to Guest, so that Guest would come into cabin and be completed by all that happened thereafter—all thereafter being understood as satisfaction, comfort, ease, idleness? Itwethey does know of his need, after a certain stretch of laziness, of the comfort and ease of getting up and going out and fetching some firewood, but in anticipation of what Guest would like, this didn’t occur. Of course, Itwethey never fetched firewood while naked, and nor did Itwethey look so fetching while fetching. The nakedness—Itwethey can’t reconcile that quite yet, though Guest really is “comfortable” with it, maybe is enjoying it, even the display of it—Itwethey you see, having sat in skull-like cabin, dark and dingy as a self-created dungeon, isn’t able to “play it cool” no matter how much Itwethey would if Itwethey could.

Ah, we see now: the degree to which Itwethey’s elaborate plans for consideration and hospitality are exposed as Itwethey’s inconsideration. Nope. We don’t see this quite yet. Not quite yet. (Of course, we are working to this end. We want to find a way to plan (which we see as an essential activity) which is not a means to dominate or forestall “the new” or “the spontaneous”. We want to make a dictionary which dictates nothing at all—acting as a tool and nothing more. Wiktionary? Itwethey has no reason to rule that out, as of yet, and maybe won’t. How quickly can Wiktionary capture and stabilize Itwethey’s portmanteau words?)

A few more things about Guest: a description of the legs—long but muscular, something like Tina Turner’s—athletic, not reduced to the geometry of bone, but exhibiting the geochronal and architectonic of disruption power which asks metry to meat out a little, or get out, or get the meter kicked out of it (interestingly, Itwethey was kicked hard by girls many times, but by women, never. The legs of women were progressively weaker than those of girls, and maybe the inclination to kick at Itwethey’s invasions weaker too. Inclination and motivation. Guest’s legs are kickers to be reckoned with. Itwethey’s inclination and motivation to get kicked by them is zero. Let it be known.)

Itwethey only knows about the strength of Guest’s legs because Guest is naked before Itwethey. Guest is naked before Itwethey because Guest is somehow welcomed by Itwethey—has accepted the welcome of Itwethey. All to the good. However, it does mean the story has gotten ahead of itself. Yes—once again the story has been allowed to get ahead of itself.


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