Saturday, May 07, 2011

Umbrellas Unopent in Tempests, Part XLI

Little openness, let us be proud both of little and of open. Big open probably isn’t open. Little open, in its squealched nature (it would be big, iffen “things been different”; being little is victimization however not the case being big be superior or noteworthy or remarkable) is a tiny crack, a crack if you pass into be making you VERY BIG. You might think a tiny crack would welcome a tiny passing, but you’d be wrong. A tiny crack wants to be split wide by an enormous passing, in both time and space (it can barely get in, and once in, it “spends” a lot of time in.)

Within the context of “enlightenment” we’ve spent an enormous, humungous, geez such size can’t be real gigamungohumoguneous amount of time on the immature versus the mature, but now’ze the time we gonna say to the world: we must evaluate the premature versus the “overstayedthewelcome.” This arises because at least in part, Itwethey’s “bid welcome” demands it arise.

Little openness, clothed as Venus Fly Trap is clothed, in mysterious appendages, hairs, lubricants, toothed enclosures, lips, tongues, digestive enzymes, salivas, sativas, cannibas sativas, sat-on-faces, faces-ambitioning-to-sit-on-worlds, English teachers in cubicle classromms happing into daffodil striations, little firewood and the still supple blossom of fresh water from the womb of the earth, siren English teacher signaling the omnipresence of desire, passion, wordscoldignited.

Little openness, with your Venus Fly Trap hairs sensitive to Beelezebub intrusion, Nightmare Xenon Flow, Radon “down below” size-tightening fire, aglow, when lips snap to make Beelzebub lips’ own, premature, immature, mature, Victor Mature, and Victor amateur, doesn’t matter. Sat down on bottom matters. Itwethey has discovered a solution “bottom matters.”


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