Monday, May 02, 2011

Umbrellas Unopent in Tempests, Part XXXVI

Itwethey notices a tendency to idealization in wanting to call Guest a Venus, and it is worrisome. (So is the marked tendency to spell out more and more clearly Itwethey’s masculinity and Guest’s feminity—this is undercutting the entire reason for Itwethey being named Itwethey—If the censor I-I-I had known this was going to happen, Itwethey could have been and would have been called “Fred” or something similar, from the beginning. IT-WE-THEY has had the serious intention of forcing under the carpet of “universalism” these gender differences which are crusty and resistant to being swept there—though whether it is a significant observation to note how much more effectively these gender differences are swept under the carpet of “anonymousalism” (the postmodern equivalent or morphing of “universalism”?) remains to be seen, said and evaluated.)

Guest’s appearance is odd in that he-she (we will continue to use various devices until the strain is too great, if ever) is strikingly beautiful (would we have to also say “handsome” as well, to continue consistently with the inconsistent gender ambiguity?) and a professional model of some success, and yet also in some inexpressible way a bit mousy? Maybe because she’s not only naked, but not wearing make-up or dyes of any kind. (Marilyn Monroe might have been mousy, too, you know, if she hadn’t dyed hair platinum blonde.) Plausibly, beautiful women become “mousy” simply by being in a natural setting. Emboldened naked but disarmed mousy as well—there’s that paradox again. There is something timid or hesitant in Guest, but precisely where that’s emanating is going to require reflection from Itwethey—it doesn’t come from Guest’s posture, and as Itwethey has indicated, Guest is not frail—Guest, Itwethey would go so far to say, is muscular, especially in the legs.

Itwethey can be transfixed by these beauties—Itwethey’s projections, identifications, idealizations, run wild on the mirror of these beautiful features—while Itwethey becomes inactive, stationary, drooling, staring. In some ways it is simply fortunate for Itwethey that something about Guest is mousy, for this gives Itwethey some anchorage “in Itwethey’s interior living space” to brake projections, identifications, and idealizations, to make it possible to respond to Guest (in real time.) Itwethey’s excessively bold and audacious projections, identifications, and idealizations may also be apparent in Itwethey’s preparations for Guest.

On the other hand, Itwethey has also called Guest a Venus Flytrap. Or, Itwethey has called herself a Venus Flytrap. Itwethey had imagined “her” as being somewhat masculine (due to the muscularity of the body, of the quadriceps in particular.) Somewhat aggressive in being “open” to Itwethey? (Willingly being Guest?) Itwethey had noticed her anus is extruding, (an “outtie” anus?) and it is a faint bit ugly? (But is it?) Itwethey had read too much into her eyes. And Itwethey’s own reserve—(here on the threshold)--what to make of it? Is it cowardice, effeminacy? The great worry. Or is it intelligence about not getting trapped? Does she offer a trap? Or pleasure? Or is the pleasure merely the bait of the trap?


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